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[Case] Ultrasonic Drilling and Tapping in Aviation

Previously our customer could only complete the threads in the difficult-to-cut AlSiC workpiece manually. 3~5 taps are needed to complete one hole. High labor cost, long cycle time and poor tool life prohibited high-yield mass production.

With Conprofe’s Ultrasonic Tapping and Drilling Center and its patented customized Solid PCD Drill and Thread-Mill, tool life went up by 800 times to 200 holes. Workpiece quality is good without chipping or cracks. Most importantly, manual operation turned into CNC machining, upgrading the whole production process.

For more application examples or test-cut of aviation part, please feel free to contact Esther Hu, Senior Director of Overseas Sales and Marketing.

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[Case] Ultrasonic Drilling and Tapping in Aviation