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At the 10th (2022) 2021 China Semiconductor Equipment Annual Conference (CSEAC) was held in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center on November 27-29, Conprofe exhibited its feature products including Ultrasonic-Green Machine Tools, Solid PCD Cutting Tools, Ultrasonic Tool Holders, Precision Tool Holders and other core technological products. Besides, its unique one-stop machining solutions for semiconductor industry has won great recognition from semiconductor industry.

Conprofe’s one-stop machining solution for semiconductor industry is a solution that features a combination of core technological products, including Conprofe’s ultrasonic machine tools, ultrasonic machining system, ultrasonic press-fit tool holders or ultrasonic shrink-fit tool holders, solid PCD drill bits or solid PCD thread milling tools, etc. The solution provides efficient and green machining for a variety of materials such as monocrystalline silicon, quartz glass, silicon carbide, aluminum-based silicon carbide and other materials that are commonly seen in semiconductor industry.

The one-stop machining solution for the semiconductor industry has been tried and proved through a large number of market application, and its machining effects has been unanimously recognized. We are hoping the extensive application of high-end innovative ultrasonic-green machine tools and its precision components can further advance the upgrading of manufacturing technologies for semiconductor industry and thus improving machining efficiency and surface quality.

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