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Innovative Dental Application | Breakthrough in Polishing-Free Titanium Alloy Abutment with Surface Roughness of 0.053um

The dental implant abutment, a holder of threaded structure implanted in artificial alveolar to connect the artificial dental crown, does play a crucial role in dental implant surgery.

Titanium alloy, commonly used as an abutment material, boasts good bio-compatibility and connects nicely with human tissue, thus reducing the risk of rejection against the human body. Moreover, it has excellent corrosion resistance and rigidity, providing stable support for dental implants. However, as a typically hard-to-cut material, titanium alloy causes common problems during the machining, such as serious adhesion of tools, low rigidity of workpiece and big material removal volume, which significantly affect the machining efficiency.

Here is the novel application in dental industry — Titanium Alloy Abutment Milling. Conprofe customized the specialized holistic solution for the customers, satisfying the needs of low cost and high efficiency towards dental instrument manufacturers.

Workpiece Information

Material: Titanium Alloy | Process: Abutment Profile Contouring


In traditional solution, there are many machining difficulties including poor workpiece surface quality, high post-CNC cost of polishing, low efficiency and unstable machining.

Conprofe Solutions

After receiving the urgent needs from customers, Conprofe rapidly built up a team to delve into material features, machining requirements and pain points. Then we decided to machine with Desktop Ultrasonic Vertical 5-Axis Machining Center UGV100D-5AXIS which is configured with Ultrasonic Machining System, Through-Spindle Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) System and Coolant-Through Cutting Tools. Eventually Conprofe successfully machined the subgingival abutment with no polishing, longer tool life and better machining efficiency, achieving mass production and bringing customers an amazing experience.

Product Highlights

Desktop Ultrasonic Vertical 5-Axis Machining Center UGV100D-5AXIS


1. Intelligent Ultrasonic machining system developed by Conprofe to reduce cutting force and tackle the challenges in machining dental materials

2. MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) System available for clean machining

3. Breakthrough in new technology for polishing-free titanium alloy abutment machining

4. High positioning accuracy of 5μm, repeatability of 3μm

5. Workpiece stocker system for 20pcs

6. Self-Developed built-in 18T tool magazine with ATC

7. C50 controller with intelligent human-machine interaction system

Ultrasonic Machining System


1. Integrated machine design with backlash of 0.5±0.1mm and strong resistance, awarded national technical patent

2. Max. ultrasonic amplitude up to 20μm with high frequency of 15-80kHz and three-dimensional vibration control

Ultrasonic Working Principle

Converting high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration and making the rotating drill bit vibrate tens of thousands of times per second and separate the drill and the workpiece periodically.

Through-Spindle Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) System


1. Micron-Level biodegradable aerosol particles (≥1μm) precisely spraying to the cutting area without liquid waste

2. Suitable for through-spindle transmission with fast aerosol response (≤0.1s)

3. Automatic adaption of the required lubricant quantity (5-30mL/h) after tool change


Conprofe Ultrasonic Holistic Machining Solution meets the needs of high-efficiency, high-quality and green machining on titanium alloy abutment. Compared with traditional solution, Conprofe provides more stable machining performance with better surface quality and higher efficiency. The subgingival workpiece roughness Sa is down by 80%, from 0.265μm to 0.053μm, comprehensively reducing the cost and rising efficiency.


In addition to the titanium alloy abutment, Conprofe Ultrasonic Holistic Machining Solution has absolute advantages in the machining of malone bridges, glass-ceramic crowns, zirconia crowns, temporary crowns and other dental workpiece, greatly improving the efficiency, reducing the production cost and achieving green and clean cutting. We have been successfully working on several medical applications in the dental industry and unanimously recognized by customers.


If you have any machining needs in dental industry, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for Conprofe Solution.

Contact: Ms. Esther Hu

Tel/WhatsApp/WeChat: +86-138 2607 9999



Innovative Dental Application | Breakthrough in Polishing-Free Titanium Alloy Abutment with Surface Roughness of 0.053um