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Visit us @ SITMOS Exhibition | Booth 05A730 | April 1-5, Seoul

Date: April 1-5, 2024


Booth No.: 05A730

Join Conprofe at SIMTOS, Korea’s premier biennial production and manufacturing technology exhibition in Seoul. Discover our cutting-edge Ultrasonic Machining Machine Tools and Solutions, specifically designed to tackle hard-to-cut materials. Witness the ULM-600C Ultrasonic Engraving & Milling Center and Solid PCD Tools in action, showcasing Conprofe’s innovative initiatives to revolutionize ultrasonic CNC solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the future of precision manufacturing!


Key Exhibits 1

<strong>Ultrasonic Engraving Milling Center ULM 600C<strong>

Introducing CONPROFE Ultrasonic Engraving and Milling Center: the professional solution for precision machining of hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, and superalloys. Experience better efficiency, reduced cutting force, fewer micro-cracks, extended tool life, minimized burr, and superior surface quality compared to conventional machining processes. Perfect for machining intricate parts from materials such as ceramic, sapphire, glass, silicon carbite, titanium alloy, and other hard-to-cut materials.


  • Intelligent Ultrasonic Machining System developed by Conprofe to tackle the challenges in machining hard-to-cut materials
  • Various kinds of screw guide protection available to meet machining needs of hard-brittle materials and metals
  • Single tool magazine / extended tool magazine available
  • Optional spindle speed with max. speed of 40,000rpm
  • Fully closed loop control with high-precision linear encoders, positioning accuracy of 5μm, repeatability of 3μm
  • High precision probe for on-machine measurement function
  • With centrifugal filtration, bad and other multi-stage filtration system


Key Exhibits 2

<strong>Solid PCD Tools<strong>

Conprofe is proud to present our innovative line of superhard cutting tools, meticulously crafted from diamond and boron nitride materials, including Solid PCD Micro-Edge Cutting Tools, Solid PCD Cutting Tools, MCD Cutting Tools, and PCBN Cutting Tools.

Dedicated to excellence, Conprofe stands by our professional manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control standards. Our superior products have gained global acclaim from precision manufacturers worldwide. Experience unrivaled machining accuracy at the nano level with extended tool life, and rely on our exceptional services tailored to your needs.

Visit us @ SITMOS Exhibition | Booth 05A730 | April 1-5, Seoul